2017 Fuel Cell Seminar & Energy Exposition

California / USA, November 7-9, 2017

·         Adaptation and Assessment of an Off-grid Primary Power, PEM Fuel Cell and Renewable Hydrogen System for a Rural School in South Africa

232nd ECS Meeting

Washington DC / USA, October 1-5, 2017

·         V. Bandlamudi, P. Bujlo, C. Sita, S. Pasupathi. Effect of Accelerated Stress Testing on High Temperature Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell

AEMC-2017: Africa Materials 2017 Conference

Pretoria / South Africa, March 28-31, 2017, CSIR International Convention Centre

·         M. Lototskyy, Y. Klochko, M.W. Davids, L. Pickering, D. Swanepoel, G. Louw, B. van der Westhuizen, S. Chidziva, C. Sita, V. Linkov. Industrial-scale metal hydride hydrogen compressors developed at South African Institute for Advanced Materials Chemistry (oral)

·         L. Pickering, M.W. Davids, M. Lototskyy, C. Sita. Production of AB2-type Metal Hydrides for Hydrogen Storage and Compression Applications (oral)

·         S. Nyallang Nyamsi, V. Yartys, M.V Lototskyy. Synthesis of Mg2FeH6 based on Heat treatment of starting materials (oral)

·         J. C. Calderón Gómez, L. Ndzuzo, B.J. Bladergroen, S. Pasupathi. Catalytic activity of carbon supported-Pt-Pd alloyed nanoparticles synthesized by formic acid reduction toward the oxygen reduction reaction (oral)

·         M. Lototskyy, R. Denys, S. Nyallang Nyamsi, V. Yartys. Modelling of thermal desorption spectra (oral)

·         V. Bandlamudi, P. Bujlo, C. Sita, S. Pasupathi. Study on electrode carbon corrosion of high temperature PEM fuel cell (oral)

DTi/THRIP workshop

Johannesburg / South Africa, March 16-17 2017, IDC

·         W. Davids, M. Lototskyy, Y. Klochko, C. Sita, B. Bladergroen, V. Linkov. Development of Metal Hydride Materials from Scientific Concept to Industrial Applications (2nd prize winner)

HENERGY: Advanced Hydrogen Energy Systems, Project Workshop

Paarl / South Africa, February 1-3, 2017, Du Kloof Lodge

·         M. Lototskyy. ADVANCED HYDROGEN ENERGY SYSTEMS / HENERGY: Progress of UWC team during the second year of running the project (keynote presentation)

·         L. Pickering. Overview of EU Funded Projects on Fuel Cell CHP & CCHP Systems (oral)

·         P. Bujlo, C. Sita, S. Pasupathi. Development of fuel cell CHP systems at HySA Systems (oral)

·         M.Lototskyy, R.V.Denys, S.Nyallang Nyamsi, V.Yartys. Modelling of thermal desorption spectra for dehydrogenation of nanostructured magnesium hydride (oral)

·         S.Nyallang Nyamsi. Synthesis of Mg2FeH6 based on the heat treatment of precursors (oral)

·         J. Goh, M. Lototskyy, L. Khotseng, V. Yartys. Advanced Nanostructured & Catalysed MgH2 for Improved Hydrogen Storage Performance (oral)

HYCELTEC 2017: VI Symposium on Hydrogen, Fuel Cells and Advanced Materials

. Porto, Portugal, June 19-23, 2017

·         J.C. Calderon Gomez, L. Ndzuzo, B.J Bladergroen, S. Pasupathi. Oxygen reduction reaction on Pt-Pd catalysts supported on carbon xerogels: effect of the synthesis method

HYDRIDE4MOBILITY: Hydrogen fuelled utility vehicles and their support systems utilising metal hydrides. Kick-off project meeting.

Kjeller / Norway, February 22-23, 2018, Kunnskapsbyen konferansesenter

·         M. Lototskyy. Metal Hydrides – from Basic Materials Development to Applications: Overview of MH‐related R&D activities of SAIAMC / HySA Systems MH team

·         M. Lototskyy. HYDRIDE4MOBILITY: Project concept, plan and collaboration, milestones and deliverables

mESC-IS 2017: 2nd International Symposium on Materials for Energy Storage & Conversion.

Ortahisar / Cappadocia / Turkey, September 26-28, 2017

·         S. Nyallang Nyamsi, L. Pickering, M. Lototskyy, C. Sita. Review of Thermal Energy Storage using Metal Hydride-based Technology (oral)

·         M. Lototskyy, S. Nyallang Nyamsi, S. Pasupathi, I. Wærnhus, A. Vik, C. Ilea, V. Yartys. A concept of combined cooling, heating and power system utilising solar power and based on regenerative solid oxide fuel cell and metal hydrides (oral)

·         L. Pickering, M.W. Davids, M. Lototskyy, C. Sita. Development of Ti-based AB2-type Metal Hydrides for Hydrogen Storage and Compression Application (oral)

WHEC2018: 22nd World Hydrogen Energy Conference

Rio de Janeiro / Brasil, June 17-22, 2018

·         D. Wyss, B.J. Bladergroen, C. Sita, N. Luchters, J. Fletcher, S. Pasupathi, V. Linkov. Cost analysis for ultrapure hydrogen production using methanol (G2: Keynote lecture)

·         M. Lototskyy, A. Parsons, I. Tolj, Y. Klochko, I. Khan, F. Smith, C. Sita. Development and testing of the fuel cell power module for 3-ton electric forklift (E4: Engineering application and products; oral)

·         M.V. Lototskyy, D. Swanepoel, G. Louw, Y. Klochko, F. Smith, F. Haji, C. Sita, V. Linkov, M.W. Davids. Hydrogen refuelling station with integrated metal hydride compressor: layout features and experience of two-year operation (P2: Digital Poster Presentation)

WHTC2017: The 7th World Hydrogen Technology Convention together With Czech Hydrogen Days

Prague / Czech Republic, July 9-12, 2017

·         P. Bujlo, H.R. Ellamla, C. Sita, S. Pasupathi. Validation of 1 kWe FC-CHP performance under VDI 4655 reference load profile conditions (oral ENS-O34)

·         B. Bladergroen, O. Barron, C. Sita. An appropriate Pd membrane support (poster ESN-HP-P010)

·         P. Bujlo, M. Malinowski, C. Sita, S. Pasupathi. Development of stationary fuel cell systems at HySA Systems Competence Centre (poster ESD-CS-P148)