Dr Marek Malinowski


Marek Malinowski received his M.Sc. degree in Material Science Engineering in 2008 from Wroclaw University of Science and Technology in Poland. In 2008 he started working at Electrotechnical Institute Division of Electrotechnology and Materials Science as a research assistant in Renewable Energy Sources Section where he conducted fuel cell material science and application projects. In 2016, he obtained Ph.D. degree searching for new materials (electrodes and electrolytes) for proton exchange membrane fuel cells. He is currently a post-doctoral researcher at University of the Western Cape, HySA Systems Integration & Technology Validation Competence Centre in Cape Town, South Africa where he joined scientific groups that work on renewable/fuel cell power generation and hydrogen production based on water electrolysis.


Integration and Demonstration of an off-grid Primary Power, Renewable Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Prototype for Rural Applications in South Africa - 2.5 kWnet PEM fuel cell primary power system engineered for High School located in the country area of SA: P&ID and electrical design, wiring, construction, evaluation and laboratory tests.

Green hydrogen project – development of hydrogen production station (2 Nm3/h, PEMEC) for HySA programme: PLC programming and visualization, electrical design and wiring, preliminary tests.

Material Science Engineering of Single Polymer Fuel Cell and Short Stack - synthesis and fabrication of composite PEM membranes, modified GDEs, MEAs, stack design and assembly following the electrochemical analysis according to the objectives of PhD work.

Uninterruptible Power Supply Unit with Fuel Cells and Ultracapacitors - design, assembly and testing of 500 WNet PEMFC UPS unit including construction of gas and electrical subsystems, and control and data acquisition controller.

PEMEC electrolyser - project, assembly and testing of 2-cells/600 W electrolysis stack.

3D Printed Hydrogen Technology-based Micro-Power Supply - design and construction of single PEMFC unit with aid of 3D printer and commercial MEAs.

Training kit – Eco-friendly system for energy conversion & storage - photovoltaic system, PEM fuel cells and electrolyser educational kit.

1 kW Photovoltaic Power System - design, implementation and testing of data acquisition system to monitor renewable energy production and distribution.

Filament Winding Composite Vessels - design and fabrication of gas pressure tanks with aid of CNC winding technology using glass and carbon fibers.


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2nd Joint European Summer School on Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Technology, Heraklion, Greece 2012.

Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Technology - 3rd Summer School organized by Polish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association, Cracow, Poland 2010.             

1st and 2nd School of Adsorption and Absorption, Lublin, Torun, 2011, 2013, Poland.

ICT Support Volunteer in the ICT Project during UEFA EURO 2012TM Football Championship in Poland.