Matthew Kapp

Mechanical engineer; project engineer

Main project: Development of fuel cell multirotor UAV

Education: BEng (Mechanical), MEng (Mechanical) [Cum Laude] – both at Stellenbosch University


Did his masters project on computer modelling of a fuel cell multirotor propulsion system, using Matlab/Simulink/Simscape, for which he obtained Cum Laude. The project was a collaboration between HySA Systems and Stellenbosch University. Did his masters 2017 – 2018.

Started working at HySA Systems end of 2018. Currently he is doing and leading a project in developing a fuel cell multirotor. The aim is to increase the flight time of a battery powered multirotor of 1 hour to 2 – 3 hours using a fuel cell.

He is responsible for a diverse range of tasks, including system level design, gas tubing, serial communication, bench testing and flight testing.


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