Dr. Jun Jie Chong

Dr. JJ Chong
Hydrogen Fuelled Vehicles programme (KP3)

In 2012 December Dr. JJ Chong earning his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from University of Birmingham, this degree succeeded offered him the first international graduate project, to work as a Liaison and Development Engineer which developing between British and Chinese motorsport industry.

Multi-disciplinary background includes mechanical installation, control systems and electronics were established within his PhD research on developed a complete exhaust aftertreatment system (In-house thermal reactor, catalytic oxidation of DOC and HC-SCR, DPF and utilize the non-thermal plasma for on-board hydrogen production for cold start emissions treatment). The result has been selected in the competition of ‘SET FOR BRITAIN’ and presented in the House of Commons Terrace Marquee – UK Parliament as one of 20 finalist candidates in the engineering section.

PEM fuel cell knowledge was also established during the research assistant roles in the Future Power System Laboratory, Southern Taiwan University (2004-2006). A Fuel Cell - Solar Rechargeable System project was proposed and successfully granted by the Taiwan National Science Council.
In September 2014, Dr. Chong joined the HySA Systems, SAIAMC (South African Institute for Advanced Materials Chemistry) to support the Hydrogen Fuelled Vehicles programme (KP3).


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