Dr. Huagen Liang

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
MEA Development for High Temperature PEMFC Background

Dr. Liang received PhD degree from South China University of Technology in 2013.  During his PhD research, Liang worked in the self-humidification membrane electrode assembly (MEA) for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell (PEMFC).  After completing his PhD, Liang joined the HySA Systems Competence Centre to continue his research in particular high temperature PEMFC as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow.

Water management is one of the technological barriers for the development of PEMFCs. To maintain the water content in the membrane, the reactant gases have traditionally been humidified before entering the fuel cell for preventing the drying out of the membrane and keeping it in its most conductive state. However, external humidification for fuel and oxidant gases makes the system complicated and lowers the cell’s energy efficiency. Thus, to explore self-humidifying or low humidity MEA is an effective way to practical application of PEMFC. Liang’s previous work in PEMFC as well as the fabrication and evaluation of self-humidification MEAs has been very beneficial for his current research at HySA Systems Competence Centre.

Conferences & Events Attended:

1. 12th National Hydrogen Energy Conference. Wuhan, China, 2011.

1.    Huagen Liang, Dai Dang, Wang Xiong, Huiyu Song, Shijun Liao. High-performance self-humidifying membrane electrode assembly prepared by simultaneously adding inorganic and organic hygroscopic materials to the anode catalyst layer. Journal of Power Sources, 2013, 241, 367-372.
2.    Huagen Liang, Liping Zheng, Shijun Liao. Self-humidifying membrane electrode assembly prepared by adding PVA as hygroscopic agent in anode catalyst layer. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 2012, 37, 12860-12867.


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